Air International 2006-12
R.Simpson - More Busines in the Air For Gulfstream As the G150 Enters Service /Commercial/
3 мая 2005г.: первый полет из международного аэропорта имени Давида Бен-Гуриона совершил бизнес-джет Gulfstream G150 (4X-TRA), построенный компанией IAI. Первый полет длился около 4,5 часов. Самолет был оснащен двумя двигателями Honeywell TFE731-40R.
G150 технологически совершенен и оснащен самыми современными бортовыми системами, в том числе системой улучшения обзора в полете Kollman EFVS II (Enhanced Flight Vision System), обеспечивающей обзор в инфракрасной части спектра в условиях плохой погоды.
Gulfstream Aerospace's prototype G150 4X-TRA (the serial has been removed by the manufacturer) made its maiden flight from Tel Aviv/Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel on May 3, 2005. During the uneventful flight it reached a maximum altitude of 20,000ft and a speed of 250kts.
By the beginning of November this year, the first production aircraft, N150GA, had accrued over 500 flying hours, having been flown by a number of future owners and prospective customers.
Its range of 2,943nm with four passengers, two crew and standard reserves at Mach 0.75, will allow the G150 to fly non-stop from London to Moscow, New York to Los Angeles or London - or from Los Angeles to Honolulu.
One of the most significant improvements of the G150 over the G100 that it is designed to replace is the spacious, well-equipped cockpit. Of particular note are the cursor control devices mounted on the sidewalls (aligned approximately with the control yokes) for each pilot, which allow mouse-like input to the PFD/MFD menus.
Comfort is an essential requirement of business aircraft to ensure that passengers reach their destinations suitably refreshed. To this end, the G150 features a spacious cabin with stand-up headroom, a well-appointed galley, roomy lavatory and 100% fresh air throughout the flight.