Air International 2021-07
T.Batchelor, T.Bridge - The electric sky jeep
The US Air Force 453rd Bombardment Group at Old Buckenham Airfield during World War Two
The Zenith STOL CH 750 kit in full, at the company’s base at Mexico Memorial Airport, Mexico, Missouri
A modular electrical power system is being fitted to an existing light aircraft frame
A World War Two hangar in Norfolk is home to a project aimed at helping members of isolated communities thousands of miles away
The aircraft is relatively simple to put together, so that the final assembly can be carried out close to the point of use
Tim and Helen Bridge, directors of Nuncats, the Community Interest Company behind the project
Tim and Helen Bridge explained how the sky jeep's battery system slots into an airframe designed to run on fossil fuels, saving development time
California-based Zipline has already carried out more than 140,000 deliveries of medical products by autonomous aircraft
Shipments are packed in a cardboard box attached to a disposable parachute