Air International 2021-08
R.Thomas - Iran's unmanned ambitions
The Shahed-191 clearly resembles the US RQ-170 surveillance UAV, one of which was captured by Iran
The Mohajer-6 is one of the most recognised platforms in Iran’s UAV inventory
Small- and medium-sized platforms, such as the Mohajer-6, make up the majority of Iran's UAV fleet
More of Tehran’s UAVs now feature a strike capability, such as the Mohajer-6, seen here with a Qaem smart munition fitted
Iranian UAVs often feature an extensive familial back catalogue, such as the Mohajer-4
The Sadegh-1 UCAV, unveiled in 2014, appears similar in aspect to the Mohajer-6
The Sayeh-2 platform and older Sayeh-1 is predominantly used for maritime surveillance
Bearing a resemblance to platforms developed previously by western countries, the Shahed-129 has munitions hardpoints and an EO/IR capability
The Kian loitering munition (left) and target drone (right) are a pair of more recently developed systems
The Ababil-3 has undergone an extensive redesign from its predecessor, to include new strike and surveillance capabilities