Air International 2021-08
T.Batchelor - Island hopping
Start-up Apian was the brainchild of two trainee doctors who wanted to rapidly deliver COVID-19 samples and PPE
Skyports’ vertical take-off drone transporting items to delivery points across the Isles of Scilly
Drones are well suited to island deliveries, not being dependent on the tide
Drones can help connect island communities that would otherwise be isolated
The Skyports drone’s small payload makes it ideal for high-urgency, high-value deliveries
A test drone flight took place at the Predannack Airfield in Cornwall on April 13, 2021
Royal Mail staff were enthusiastic about the Isles of Scilly trial
The UK-built twin-engine Windracers ‘Ultra’ UAV can carry up to 100kg at a time - the same as a typical delivery round
Members of the Windracers team wheel a drone to the runway at the Predannack Airfield in Cornwall