Air International 2021-09
News: Commercial, Military
Airbus is targeting a mid-decade delivery for the A350 Freighter
The UK Chief of the Air Staff has set the RAF a goal of reaching net zero by 2040, in addition to fielding a zero-emission aircraft by the end of the decade
The AW149 will likely be put forward officially when the UK releases its formal medium helicopter requirement
The US Army is a prime operator of the AH-64 Apache helicopter, which is also popular in the international market
The Royal Australian Air Force is a key operator of the E-7A Wedgetail and has extensive operational experience over the Middle East
The F-35B aircraft embarked on HMS Queen Elizabeth have undertaken a number of exercise and operational flights as part of the CSG21 deployment into the Indo-Pacific
Azul and Lilium plan to launch air taxi flights in Brazil in 2025
United Airlines hopes to start flying the ES-19 electric airliner from the mid-2020s
The mock-up of the Sukhoi ‘Checkmate’ light fifth-generation fighter. Its unveiling on the first day of MAKS 2021 was delayed, possibly due to Russian President Vladimir Putin being shown it first