Air International 2021-12
Focus: UAV, Rotary, Business, Technology, Space
Bahrain’s initial AH-1Z Viper, the first of a 12-strong order
Robinson R66s will receive Skyryse FlightOS automation technology
The HondaJet 2600 concept was unveiled in Las Vegas at the NBAA-EBACE show. An evolution of the original HondaJet, the 2600 will have the range to fly across the United States Honda Aircraft
Each Bell 429 has an advanced mapping system, tactical radio, and rescue hoist
The 815 NAS Wildcat HMA2 fires the Martlet in the Bay of Bengal
Airbus’ Zephyr undertook its latest tests in Arizona
The first Gulfstream G800, T1, on October 4, 2021, when the programme was revealed
Integrating the JSM into the internal hold of the F-35 has been a key factor in maintaining the aircraft's stealth characteristics
Volocopter is involved in the Urban Blue initiative involving Italian and French airports
Newly certified: Leonardo’s AWHero rotary uncrewed air system (RUAS)
The VoloDrone is 2.15m tall, 9.15m in diameter and has a 600kg maximum take-off weight
The AC-130J's sole mission is to conduct close air support (CAS) and air interdiction operations
Exosonic's supersonic platform serves as a mock adversary for fighter pilots
Textron has refreshed the cabins of the Citation M2 and XLS (seen here) with new fittings and furnishing to keep the aircraft competitive in the heavily contested light and midsized business jet sectors