Air International 2021-12
K.Chapman - Mix and match
A digital rendering showing two AERALIS A advanced jet trainers. The company now seeks to develop the platform as a true multi-mission solution
The AERALIS family will come complete with a full digital backbone, which will absorb and feed data to designers, who can then update the platform's design in the manufacturing process and deliver those changes to customers at a much faster rate than is currently available with legacy platforms
A conceptual image showing five AERALIS variants flying in formation over Dover, Kent Alongside the three training variants (A, B and X), the company is now actively developing variants that can be configured for unmanned, combat and air-to-air refuelling operations
AERALIS envisages a number of different configurations and roles for its family of jet aircraft, including this unmanned variant, which could be capable of conducting buddy-buddy aerial refuelling operations
This exploded view of the AERALIS A offers an insight as to how the different parts of the aircraft will be combined to the common core fuselage