Air Pictorial 1955-08
W.Green - Italian aircraft 1939-45 (1)
Fiat C.R.32quater.
Fiat (C.M.A.S.A.) G.50B two-seat trainer;
Fiat G.50bis .
Fiat G.50ter;
The I.M.A.M. Ro 63.
Caproni-Vizzola F.6Mz
Fiat C.R.42bis
Fiat G.55 Centauro
Fiat G.55 Centauro experimentally fitted with torpedo.
I.M.A.M. Ro 57
Caproni Ca 311M .
One of the predecessors of the Ca 313-314 was the Ca 311, the first member of the Caproni family of light twins to have a fully-glazed unstepped nose. Britain's Air Ministry ordered 100 for use by the RAF as trainers but, in the event, the only Ca 311s to acquire RAF roundels were those that were captured in North Africa and Italy during the war (as shown).
Caproni Ca 309 Series V Ghibli.
Fiat G.12T.
Another view of the Ro 58
Caproni Ca 331B.
Caproni Ca 331A.
C.A.N.S.A. F.C.12.
C.A.N.S.A. F.C.20bis.