Air Pictorial 1955-08
W.Green - Italian aircraft 1939-45 (1)
Fiat C.R.32quater.
Fiat G.50bis .
Fiat G.50ter;
Fiat (C.M.A.S.A.) G.50B two-seat trainer;
The I.M.A.M. Ro 63.
Caproni-Vizzola F.6Mz
Fiat C.R.42bis
Fiat G.55 Centauro
Fiat G.55 Centauro experimentally fitted with torpedo.
I.M.A.M. Ro 57
Caproni Ca 311.
Caproni Ca 311M .
Caproni Ca 313.
Caproni Ca 314
Caproni Ca 309 Series V Ghibli.
Fiat G.12T.
Another view of the Ro 58
Caproni Ca 331A.
Caproni Ca 331B.
Caproni-Vizzola F.5
C.A.N.S.A. F.C.12.
C.A.N.S.A. F.C.20bis.