Air Pictorial 1955-08
Photos by request
"JUDY" 33. Shown here on test by the U.S.A.F., this Yokosuka "Judy" 33 was captured intact on one of tbe South-West Pacific Islands in the closing stages of the war. "Judy" 33 was a radial-engined and higher-powered version of " Judy" 11 and 12 which had Atsuta 11 and 31 in-lines respectively. "Judy" 33 with a Kinsei 62 engine had a maximum speed of about 390 m.p.h. at 18,500 ft. "Judy" carried up to 1,100-lb. bombs internally plus way racks. It was designed by Yokosuka Naval Air Depot and produced by Aichi; it was known in the Japanese Navy as the D4Y2 "Suisei" (Comet).
MARENDAZ MARK 3. Built by International Aircraft and Engineering Ltd., at Barton, Beds, the Marendaz was designed in two versions, the Mks. 3 and 4. The Mark 3 shown here was a 3 four-seat with a Gipsy Six and the Mk. 4 a two-seat with a Gipsy Major. Special type slots and flaps were fitted, as well as a retractable undercarriage. The Marendaz Mk. 3 had a span of 31 ft. and length 26 ft. The Marendaz Mk. 4 would have had the same dimensions but the undercarriage was fixed. Neither the Mk. 3 or 4 ever flew, it is believed. This photograph was taken at the R.Ae.S. Garden Party at Heathrow on 8th May, 1938.
CURTISS XF14C-2. An experimental fleet fighter, the Curtiss Wright XF14C-2 had a Wright R-3350-16 radial driving contraprops. It was intended for high-altitude interception work. The machine was heavy, and development was abandoned. Armament consisted of four 20-mm. cannon plus rockets or bombs. No performance or dimension figures appear ever to have been released.