Air Pictorial 1955-09
Air Pictorial's photo-review
First illustration of a modified Il-12 in civil (Polskie Linie Lotnicze) markings. It will be remembered that such a machine in Red Air Force markings visited L.A.P. last February, and has since been described as an Il-14. This designation seems unlikely and in fact has not been confirmed. Noteworthy are new square fin and wingtips, and modified engine nacelles with Convair-like exhaust pipes. This picture was taken at Melsbroek, Brussels, on 18th July.
Largest fighter now in production for the U.S.A.F., the McDonnell F-101A Voodoo can carry three belly fuel tanks to extend range for penetration and escort duties. Serials indicate that at least six F-101s are flying .
Photographed at Prestwick on 12th July was this Canso owned by the Monsanto Chemicai Co. of St. Louis. U.S.A. It is a luxury conversion with two lifeboats under the wings and a diving platform near the stern. Colour scheme is all white with green lines.
Fifth prototype SNCASO 4050 Vautour is for bombing duties.
The third production Bristol Britannia G-ANBC taking off from Filton on its maiden flight on 29th June 1955.
A striking view of the McDonnell XV-1 convertiplane .
Modified Anson snapped at the R.A.E. during July was PH816 with an all-glass bulbous nose.
Only North American BT-14 still on the U.S. civil register is NL37604.
This Auster Autocar float plane is operated by A/B Stockholms Aero. The engine is a 155. h.p. Cirrus Major 3.
A single-seat sports-plane, the Finnish HK-1 was designed by Mr. Juhani Heinoven and built by the Jami Soaring School. First flight was in August 1954. Engine is a 65-h.p. Waiter Mikron; span 22 ft 6 in.; loaded weight (aerobatic) 795 lb.; max. speed 135 m.p.h.; range 430 miles.
Newest model of the Mooney Mite, now available in Canada at ? 1.400 delivery price, features a redesigned cabin and canopy.
Designed by the Philippine Institute of Science and Technology in conjunction with the Philippine Air Force. the XL-15 is an air ambulance bu ilt entirely of local woods. Span 39 ft. 5 in.; length 27 ft. 2 in., engine 190-h.p. Lycoming; loaded weight 2.750 lb.; max. speed 135 m.p.h.
The massive nacelles for the Nene engines almost dwarf the fuselage on the Meteor used for jet-deflection research. Few photographs have appeared of this aircraft; serial is RA490.