Air Pictorial 1955-10
J.Stevens - Farnborough 1955
G-ANLO the first prototype de Havilland Comet 3
Third prototype of the de Havilland D.H.110.
One of the Royal Navy's Fairey Gannet A.S. surrounded by an interesting selection of sonobuoys, practice bombs, flares and rockets.
Standard production dual-control trainer version of the Fairey Gannet for the Royal Navy. Note new mod. in the mirror above the cockpit. It allows instructor in rear seat a clear view ahead for landing
Hawker Hunter Mk.6 WW593, production machine of latest mark.
Hunter F.Mk.4 WV385, with twelve rockets (outboard), one 100-gall. tank (inboard) under the starboard wing, and one I,000-lb. bomb (inboard) and one tank (outboard) under the port wing
Fighter reconnaissance version of a Hunter 4, with camera ports in nose.
The new Westland Widgeon
Production model of the Gloster Javelin with what appears to be the final nose-shape.
The new tail-end of the Javelin
The leading-edge slats of the Twin Pioneer.
The Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer.
Second prototype Handley Page Victor, WB775, painted cerulean blue overall.
The Folland Gnat.
Providing one of the most spectacular performances of the 1955 S.B.A.C flying display, Roly Falk is seen putting a production Vulcan (XA890) through its paces at Farnborough,
XA890, the second production Avro Vulcan
The first prototype Britannia Srs.100 (G-ALBO) with "Bill" Pegg at the controls, illustrated the comparative low noise factor of th is 150,000-lb. a.u.w., Proteus 750-powered, B,O.A.C. airliner
The first Handley Page Herald.
Avro CF-100 serial 18322
Second Saro Skeeter Mk.6, XK773, with D.H. Gipsy Major 200 engine.
"Tooth" leading edge of the Swift F.R.Mk.5
The "teeth" in the leading edge of the wings of a Swift F.R.5 are clearly shown.
Standard production Vickers Valiant B.Mk.1, WZ365, with long-range, underwing tanks
Valiant wingtip fuel jettison pipe.
The Fairey Jet-Gyrodyne, first "convertiplane" in the world to translate from vertical to horizontal flight.
The second prototype English Electric P.1
Second prototype English Electric P.1.
The Conway-Ashton.
First prototype Avro Shackleton Mk. 3
The tricycle-undercarriage Avro Shackleton Mk. 3.
The Eland Ambassador.
The Hunting Percival Jet Provost with new "short-leg" short-stroke undercarriage.
Standard production Auster A.O.P.Mk.9.
The Fairey F.D.2 in flight
The F.D.2 with "droop snoot" lowered for landing;
The Avon's orifice on the Fairey Delta 2.
A production Short Seamew.
The Short Gyron-Sperrin
A model of Armstrong-Whitworth's A.W.167 Jet transport project with an annular intake for five Sapphires mounted in the tail.
Hawker Hunter Trainer XJ615.
Night intruder variant of the Canberra, the B.Mk.8.
Photo-reconnaissance version the PR.Mk.9.