Aeroplane Monthly 1981-02
G.Johnston - Schneider 1929
THE FINISH OF A WORLD'S RECORD: Flying Officer Atcherley crossing the line at the end of his seventh lap, during which he established a world's record for speed over a closed circuit. His sixth and seventh laps constituted a world's record for 100 km. closed circuit.
The packed beach at Southsea as Wag horn flashes by in his Supermarine S.6.
Keeping cool in the hot weather: Squadron-Leader Orlebar, Captain of the British Schneider Team, going out for a test flight in one of the Supermarine-Rolls Royce S.6's.
A "Sticker": Warrant Officer Dal Molin was the only Italian competitor to complete the course, piloting a 1927 Macchi M.52. His average speed for the course was 284-2 m.p.h.
TWO GALLANT BUT UNFORTUNATE CHALLENGERS: Flying Officer Cadringher (left) and Lieutenant Monti both had to retire, the former owing to exhaust fumes and the latter with a broken water pipe. Monti was scalded rather badly by the hot water.
The tandem-engined Savoia-Marchetti S.65 though originally entered was a non-starter.