Aeroplane Monthly 1982-03
D.Middleton - Airspeed's elegant Ambassador (2)
The second prototype Ambassador, G-AKRD, in BEA livery.
BEA’s Elizabethan G-ALFR at the 1955 SBAC Show, Farnborough.
Ambassador G-ALZN, named Elizabethan, was BEA’s fleet flagship and remained with the company for ten years ending its days with Dan-Air
A BEA Elizabethan being flown on FIDO experimental work.
Ambassador G-AKRD, fitted with Bristol Proteus 705 engines, makes a low pass at the 1954 SBAC Show at Farnborough. The same aircraft was later fitted with two different Rolls-Royce Dart engines.
BEA’s Elizabethan G-AMAG unsticks from Heathrow in 1954. This Ambassador later passed to Shell Aviation Ltd and finally to Dan-Air. In September 1968 ’AG was damaged beyond repair at Mansion, Kent.
The passenger cabin layout of a BEA Silver Wing Elizabethan.
The cockpit of the prototype Ambassador in 1947.