Aeroplane Monthly 1982-03
J.Fairey - Flycatcher facsimile (1)
The author flying his Flycatcher at Old Warden on July 26, 1981.
The state of the art in July 1977.
Close-up of pilot’s seat before fuselage covering.
The Flycatcher nearing completion in July 1978 after its trial assembly.
Running the Pratt & Whitney Junior wasp during the early part of 1979.
Three Fairey III F's and three Fairey Flycatchers lined up on the top flying deck. Here again one can get a good idea of the size of this deck, and can see that the landing and taking-off space available is considerably larger than many of the landing fields used by some of our joyriding firms who operate without a constant wind speed over their fields such as can be provided here at will.
Flycatcher S1287, upon which the author's reproduction is based, on HMS Glorious in January 1930.