Aeroplane Monthly 1981-03
B.Gunston - The V-bombers (3)
Victor K.2, XL253 of No 55 Sqn, refuelling Buccaneer S2, XV341/L, of No 208 Sqn over the North Sea, October 1979.
Third prototype Victor B.2 was XH670 which replaced the destroyed XH668 for trials at RAE Farnborough
The prototype Victor B.2 XH668 apparently unmarked but with the serial number carried on the windbreak of the crew entry door.
Victor B.1A of No 57 Sqn, on detachment to RAF Tengah, flying a low-level mission over Malaya in April 1965.
Victor XL513 after retrofit, with ECM radome, extended air-turbine scoops and high-gloss low-level camouflage.
One pair of Lightnings being refuelled by Victor K.1As.
Victor B.2, XM715, of No 100 Sqn at Wittering, April 1963.
The seventh Victor B.2 carrying a Blue Steel during trials.
The cockpit interior of Victor B.1A XH648, Duxford, May 1977.