Aeroplane Monthly 1981-03
R.Nesbit - Navigator's progress (1)
At the end of 1940 the Whitley was used for training air gunners, firing Brownings from the rear power-operated turret or the mid-under turret at drogues.
63-я эскадрилья британских ВВС использовала Battle Mk I для подготовки летчиков экипажей Battle (авиабаза Бенсон, ноябрь 1939 года).
Fairey Battle K7650 63-M of No 63 Sqn photographed early in 1938.
Although the Fairey Battle could deliver twice as many bombs twice as far as the types it replaced, the Hawker Hart and Hind biplane bombers, it was nevertheless easy prey for the new generation of monoplane fighters; a lesson learned the hard way during the early days of the Second World War.
The air gunner in a Fairey Battle wields his Lewis for Flight's cameraman. The windscreen folds down to complete the line of the cockpit enclosure.
The Battle normally carried a crew of three, 1,000lb of bombs, a forward firing Browning .303 and a Vickers K .303 mounted in the rear cockpit.
Classic shot by The Aeroplane of R5130, later converted to a Jackaroo and registered G-APOV in 1960.
The author in a Tiger Moth at Nkomo, Southern Rhodesia, April 1943.
Both the Fokker F.XXII and F.XXXVI were used as navigational trainers by No 1 Air Observer's Navigational School at Prestwick.
Fokker F.XXXVI G-AFZR at Prestwick in 1939-40.