Air Pictorial 1956-09
Air Pictorial's photo-review
CITY OF RENTON is name on the nose of the first Boeing KC-135A-BN Stratotanker (55-3118) rolled out of the Renton assembly hall on 18th July. KC-135B-BN is larger version.
NEW CZECH TRENER is the latest Zlin (Z.226) primary tandem-seater, capable of advanced aerobatics. The Trener 6 is developed from the 1947 Z.26 and the Z.126. One 160-h.p. Waiter Minor 6-III.
NOSEPLANE DELTA Nord 1500 Griffon. Photo shows intake and empennage variations. Experts judge the Griffon to be the world's most advanced delta-wing prototype.
CIVILlANISED Ju 86 seen at Bromma, Sweden, recently (SE-CBO) is an ex-Flygvapnet B3C-2, still retaining "bomber" nose.
MASSIVE WING identifies the 1939 two-seat cabin Dart Model GW (N20918). The Culver LCA was developed from the Model G.
ACROBATIC CHAMPION for 1956 was France's L. Biancotto (British Lockheed Aerobatic Trophy, Coventry, July) who flew the prototype Stampe et Renard S.R.7B Monitor 4-01 tandem-seater.
WEATHER-PROOFED D.3803 - Swiss prototype single-seat interceptor (J-405) still flying, is developed from the D.3802 of 1943.
ITALIAN MOTOR-GLIDER. The concept of an auxiliary-powered sailplane has been studied by many designers but few prototypes have justified the promise. One of the most recent attempts is the Canguro, a two-seater (the rear tandem seat is under the wing) powered by a 20-h.p., flat-twin engine. The Italian military No. is MM 100028.
METEOR 8 TARGET TOWER of 74 Squadron (WA830) has retrofit, clear-vision hood, F/R nose probe plus nose cameras and fuselage-mounted TT. gear.