Aeroplane Monthly 1981-07
C.Zichy - Count Zichy meets Superman
A “Superman” in the form of Hawker test pilot P. G. Lucas, Brooklands, September 1938.
FASHION FOR FIGHTERS: A first view (secured at Brooklands last Monday) of the production-type Hawker Hurricane single-seater multi-gun fighter (Rolls-Royce Merlin II) in its coat of camouflage. The lower surfaces are silver. Among the minor differences from the prototype are the tail trimming tabs and the streamline exhaust manifold.
Hurricane I L1547 at Brooklands in November 1937. Being an early production aircraft this Hurricane has no under fin.
A Hurricane I, at Brooklands, March 1940.
The photograph of Tiger Moth G-AESD was taken in September 1937.
The author's D.H. Puss Moth, Jacksie, so named because of its registration letters.