Aeroplane Monthly 1981-08
N.Webbe - Warbirds over Blackbushe
C.A.S.A. Junkers 352 G-BECL, ex-Spanish Air Force over Blackbushe.
Photographed at Blackbushe on July 14, 1977, Doug Arnold's Junkers 52 G-BECL has now been returned to flying condition.
Two of the four C.A.S.A. Junkers 352s currently based at Blackbushe, others have been sold abroad.
Two of the Museum's five Spitfires currently under restoration.
Doug Arnold watches from his Rolls, DA 32, as his Hawker Sea Fury TT.20 WG562, runs up prior to a flight at Blackbushe.
The collection's Gloster (Armstrong Whitworth) Meteor TT.20 WM167 currently based at Blackbushe.
The Sopwith Pup N5182, allegedly 75 per cent original, was originally restored by Desmond St Cyrien over a period of 16 years.
Current landmarks at Blackbushe is this North American B-25 Mitchells.
Current landmarks at Blackbushe are these two North American B-25 Mitchells.