Aeroplane Monthly 1981-09
A.Wheeler - The Bournemouth Easter Meeting
Dudley Watt in G-EBOG, nearer camera, and the author start from scratch in the High Power Handicap race.
Dangerous Dan, alias Dudley Watt seen cornering at very low level and pictured in the cockpit of G-EBOG with chequered flying helmet.
THE "KILL-JOY" TROPHY: Two of the S.E.5A's taking off together.
Mrs Elliott Lynn’s S.E.5A, G-EBPA, seen here competing in the Killjoy Trophy Race at Bournemouth in April 1927, was later owned by F. G. Miles until scrapped in 1932.
Stammers in S.E.5A G-EBPA and the author taking off in the “Kill-Joy” race.
The line-up for the start of the “Kill-Joy” race with three S.E.5As at the far end.
SOME PRIVATE OWNERS AT BOURNEMOUTH: 3, Flying Officer A. H. Wheeler, who raced his S.E.5A (G-EBQM) at the meeting.
The author in the cockpit of his S.E.5A G-EBQM, 1927.
GOOD FRIDAY AT BOURNEMOUTH: 2, Dudley Watt on his S.E.5A cuts under Jones on the ANEC II while rounding the turning point.
GOOD FRIDAY AT BOURNEMOUTH: 5, the line-up of the Poole Handicap with Watt nearest the camera.
GOOD FRIDAY AT BOURNEMOUTH: 3, Three " Moths" take off together in the Christchurch Handicap Stakes. From left to right the machines are: MF (Spooner), KT (Beaumont) and LV (Twemlow). The Moth on the right, G-EBLV, still survives at Old Warden.
GOOD HANDICAPPING: Four machines approaching the finishing line in the first heat of the Holiday Final Handicap on Easter Monday. The machines are, in the order of finishing: OU (Sempill), QL (Cantrill), JT (Openshaw), and KQ (Hamersley).
Two Moths, a Widgeon and an Avro 504 approach the finishing line in another race.
GOOD FRIDAY AT BOURNEMOUTH: 4, In the Branksome "Cirrus" Handicap Stakes. In the foreground England on the "Widgeon III" low over the crowd.
Good Friday at Bournemouth; 1, Hinkler on the Avian G-EBOV rounding the aerodrome turning point.
During the Bournemouth Whitsun Meeting Longton's Bluebird and Openshaw's Westland Widgeon collided at one of the turning points. Both pilots were killed, the wrecked Bluebird is seen here.