Aeroplane Monthly 1981-11
E.Ackery - Tales of an Indifferent Naval pilot (1)
NEVILLE PARNELL'S plate, taken off the Australian coast near Brisbane, features the Sopwith Pup VH-PSP and the Fokker Triplane N864DR.
A Caudron G.III flying at Geneva in July 1955.
This Caudron G.III had the French official identity C4817 and an 80 h.p. Le Rhone rotary engine.
The RNAS used the Caudron G.III for training purposes and 124 were used in the service, mainly at Vendome.
This Caudron G.III was probably N3066, from a batch of aircraft apparently delivered to Vendome, where this aircraft is known to have been in December 1916. The engine is a 100 h.p. Anzani.