Aeroplane Monthly 1981-12
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The Hurricane IIB introduced an armament of 12 .303 machine guns. Illustrated is Mk IIB BP671, at Eastleigh on October 26, 1946.
The French company, Ateliers Aeronautiques de Colombes, built more than 400 Ju 52/3ms. Designated AAC.1, the type went into service with Air France after the war. Illustrated in photo is F-BALO, seen at Eastleigh on October 26, 1947.
Avro Lancaster B.VII (FE) NX734 of No 40 Sqn at Eastleigh, Nairobi, on October 30, 1946. Coded “BL-H,” this Lancaster was scrapped in 1947 having been based at Shallufa, Egypt until 40 Sqn’s disbandment in April 1947.
Lancaster B.III SW373, coded “OZ-U” of No 210 Sqn was converted to an ASR III and later to a GR III before crashing on February 5, 1950. It is seen at Eastleigh on October 5, 1946.
The Martin Baltimore V had a Martin dorsal turret in place of the twin-gun Boulton Paul turret fitted to Mk III. A total of 1,575 Baltimores was delivered to the RAF. FW714, coded “B,” was photographed, at Kisumu on August 31, 1946. Note the 20 bombs painted on the nose.
Passing through Eastleigh on November 2, 1946 was Air France Lockheed Lodestar F-BAMA, one of nine then in service on the company's North African routes.
Lockheed Lodestar F-BALX of Air France, passed through Eastleigh on October 5, 1946.
D.H.98 Mosquito P.R.34, RG308 at Eastleigh on October 27, 1946. The Mosquito Mk P.R.34 was a very long range reconnaissance two-stage Merlin aircraft with all armour and tank bullet proofing removed to give 3,000ft ceiling increase. Most P.R.34s served in BAFO, 2nd T.A.F. and with Nos 109 and 139 Sqns.