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P.Giannico - Air Transat - Canada's Holiday Airline /Commercial/
Lockheed TriStars were the first type of aircraft operated by AirTransat, which went on to fly 23 of them. The fleet's last example carried out its final revenue service for Air Transat on October 12, 2004.
Over the years Air Transat has flown three short-haul types - the Boeing 727-200, 737-400 and the Airbus A320. Pictured is one of the three 727s acquired in 1992, which were in service for less than two years.
Air Transat currently operates a fleet of 15 aircraft, eleven of which are Airbus A310s, configured to carry 259 passengers in a two-class layout.
From 1993 until 2003 Air Transat flew a fleet of Boeing 757s. It was then decided to replace them with Airbus A310s.
Four Airbus A330s are also operated by AirTransat, which uses them mainly for long-haul flights to Europe.