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P.Jackson - From Cold War to Drug War /Military/
Among the systems carried by A-37s for their anti-drug smuggling role is the Edo Corporation AN/APS-144(V) radar. Housed in a pod developed by Zenith Aviation, this can be carried on the Dragonfly's port outer pylon.
Штурмовик A-37A ВВС США над Южным Вьетнамом. Фото начала 1968 г.
An A-37A firing 2.75in rockets at Viet Cong targets in South Vietnam. For ground attack missions, the A-37As were normally flown solo. Underwing fuel tanks were carried to increase loiter time over the target.
In its efforts to counter internal insurrection within Colombia, the nation received a substantial amount of US aid. The Colombian Air Force's first Dragonflies, a batch of 12, included 2153 (formerly USAF 69-6425) illustrated here, which were delivered in the early 1980s from Kelly Air Force Base,Texas.
A-37B 122 of Grupo 7 FAP, The aircraft are used extensively in anti-narcotics operations, with the unit deploying from its home base of Piura to a number of locations, including Ignitos (where this photograph was taken in 1996, whilst on quick-reaction alert) and Palcallpa.
This rather unflattering view of OA-37B, 69-6397, of the 169th Tactical Air Support Squadron, Illinois Air National Guard, with its undercarriage and flaps down, and carrying drop tanks, belies the otherwise clean lines of the Dragonfly.
Some 44% of all A-37Bs built served with the South Vietnamese Air Force, making it the largest export customer of the type. This aircraft, 68-7917, was assigned to the 516th Fighter squadron, based at Da Nang Air Base.
A-37A Dragonflies deployed to the 604th Air Commando Squadron at Bien Hoa adopted several colour schemes as part of the Combat Dragon evaluation. Light Pale Blue overall was adopted and others went for a combination of Light Pale Blue and Light Grey. Illustrated is A-37A 67-14523 with rocket tubes and underwing drop tanks.
Uruguay and Chile sent A-37Bs to central Brazil last year for Operation Cruise of the South (CRUZEX III). The latter provided eight, one of which is pictured at Anapolis Air Base. The Peruvian Air Force was intended to field three A-37s, but withdrew from the exercise after one of the aircraft crashed enroute to Anapolis.
Cessna A-37B Dragonfly
Three-view drawing of the Cessna A-37B Dragonfly.