Air Pictorial 1957-02
J.Orwovski - Poland's Nation Aviation Day
EXPERIMENTAL G.I.L. HELICOPTER (SP-GIL) open two-seater indicates extensive reworking including new rotor head with three instead of two blades, longer stroke undercarriage and new horizontal stabiliser. The G.I.L. (Glowny Instytut Lotnictwa - Chief Aeronautical Institute - thus registration SP-GIL).
BZ-4 ZUK, four-seater which will serve as the second stage towards a Polish feederline helicopter. Designer in both cases is Ing. B. Zurakowski. Zuk means Beetle.
L.W.D. ZURAW (Crane). Prototype (SP-GLB) first flew 16th May 1951 and is a "maid-of-all-work" for the Polish Army and civil flying schools. The Zuraw-I above has the same Russian M-11 radial as the Polish-built FO-2 (the CSS-13) and the Polish Junak-2 (Cadet) low-wing trainer. Exact designation in this case is M-11-FR, power 160 h.p .
TS·8 BIES (Dare-devil) is a new tandem-seat basic trainer now in production for the Air Force. Power is 340-h.p. Narkiewicz radial. Prototype above first flew 23rd July 1955. The two helicopters and the Bies bear the winged insignia designed round the letters "IL" whilst the Zuraw bears the L.W.D. symbol behind the helmeted radial.