Air Pictorial 1957-02
Air Pictorial's photo-review
CHECKERBOARD JU 52/3M (VH-BUU) belongs to Gibbes Sepik Airways of New Guinea and is one of several bought by this company in Sweden in 1955. A photograph of VH-BUU appeared in "Photo Review" for January 1956 and may be used to compare the original German BMW 132Z (830 h.p.) radials with the recently installed Australian licence-built (Commonwealth Aircraft C.A.C.) Pratt & Whitney Wasps (600 h.p.). Note also the heavy-duty, Iow-pressure main tyres. Colour. silver overall.
F-51D MUSTANG AND VAMPIRE F. Mk. 1 fighters of the R.C.A.F. were declared obsolete last November and eighty-eight Mustangs and twenty-nine Vampires are now for-sale. CB-569 is serial 9569 and GO-021, 17021.
INVASION MARKINGS for Suez operations are visible on this Armstrong Whitworth Sea Hawk F(GA). Mk. 6 (XE335). Fin letter "z" indicates "234" is from H.M.S. Albion. The underwing tanks are larger than normal 45-gall. (unfinned) drop tanks.
IN TRANSIT VISITOR to England last year was this rare (in Europe) Beech T-11B Kansan (N69574). The T-11B stems directly from the familiar Beech Model 18 (C-45 Expediter) series and was used as an aircrew trainer. Over 1.500 were produced and South America is a popular haunt for them .
SUPERLATIVE EIGHTEEN is an attractively finished (white with blue and red trim) Beech Model D-18S with windows even deeper than those of the newer Beech Super 18. The conversion (N6468) by Remmert-Werner of Lambert Field. St. Louis - the "Custom 18" - includes luxurious "business executive" furnishings.
Six Temco-reworked Ryan Navions are to be used by the U.S. Army Signal Corps as remote-controlled drones fitted with television and photographic cameras for tactical operations' evaluations. The designation is QL-17A. Shown is U.S. Army 47-1351, colour, red overall.
R.C.A.F. MENTOR photographs are extremely rare . This T-34A (24211) is one of twenty-five built at Fort William by Canadian Car & Foundry (1954/55) - all but one have since gone to Turkey via M.D.A.P. (N.A.T.O.) contracts. Beech is producing 290 T-34Bs for U.S.N.
C-A-N-A-D-A! This red-lettered Canadair C-S4GM (DC-4M-1) North Star (17512) was so marked (426 Squadron, R.C.A.F., A.T.C.) before taking Red Cross items from Montreal to Vienna. Note new "cloud/collision" nose radome. Photo taken at Gibraltar.
AUSTRALIAN SEA OTTER (VH-BQI. ex-Royal Navy JN200) photographed by Mr. Shennan at Bankstown some time ago. All white with red trim.
AUSTRALIAN PUSS MOTH three-seater is used by Marshall Airways for joy-riding at Bankstown. A 1930-design, this D.H.80A (VH-UQB) is unique in having additional wing strut forward of normal vee. All silver, red trim and letters.
CHRISLEA SKYJEEP four-seater, also at Bankstown, has strengthened airframe and 200-h.p. D.H. Gipsy Six in place of 155-h.p. Cirrus Major III. In background is a Wackett trainer . The C.H.3 Srs. 4 (VH-RCD) is cream and red.
ERCOUPE MODEL 415CD two-seater belongs to the S.A.S. Flying Club, Bromma, and is one of nine Swedish-registered Erco two-control lightplanes. Power of SE-BNB is 75-h.p. Continental C-75.Colour, natural metal finish.
Piper PA-23 Apache (N1000P) four/five-seater also utilises O-320 engines and Tri-Pacer colours, but with additional "Dakota black'-trim.
U.S. ARMY JOBS. A neat row of eleven Hiller YH' and H-32 Hornet two-seat ultralight jet helicopter trainers . At the tip of each rotor blade is a 38-lb. s.t. Hiller 8RJ2B ramjet which is started by a 1-h.p. auxiliary engine. This drives the blades to 50 r.p.m. so that the ramjets can be operated. The H-32 is under test at the U.S. Army Aviation H.Q., Ft. Rucker, Ala. Nearest Hornet is a YH-32 (55-4965).