Air Pictorial 1957-03
Photos by request
Barnstorming Jimmy Mattern's fabulous Vega 5 Special "Century of Progress" (c/n. 69; NR-869-E) featured an unrivalled (Vega) paint finish - the Bald Eagle was bright blue with white outlining, against a bright red background. Compare with a "one-off" Vega S Special
A "one-off" Vega S Special which was modified for attacks on speed records. The wing was lowered and the angle of attack changed, but equally important was the adoption, for the first time, of the now familiar "bubble" canopy. The inscriptions indicate that NR-496M (c/n. 619) was owned by Crosley Radio Corporation, on loan to the record-breaking aviatrix Ruth Nichols - sponsored by Life Savers Candy.
A 1945-vintage photograph shows an "appropriated" Bf 108 Taifun (Typhoon) four-seat Luftwaffe liaison monoplane sporting R.A.F. colours and a Bristol Beaufighter serial, R2101!
A French-built Bf 108, called the Nord 1002 Pingouin 11 (Penguin), powered by a Renault 6Q 11 engine. Many are still flying - 285 were built for military use. Note squadron badge.
A 1947 photograph illustrates the D.S. No. 1 Papillon (Moth), a Lebanese two-seat parasol monoplane (LR-AAP). Details unknown.
Brazilian I.P.T. 0 Bichinho (PP-THH), single-seater - span 22 ft. 4 in.; weight 970 lb.; maximum speed 124 m.p.h. on 75-h.p. Continental C-75. This latest photo shows extensive cowling modification.
G-EAZH was ex-H5839, and a 1921 Airdisco conversion sold a year later to Belgium.
G-AACR was ex-H9324 (Siddeley Puma engine), converted as a three-seater by Surrey Flying Services at Croydon in 1929, and on hire to Cobham's "Flying Circus". This D.H.9 was used for Cobham's pioneer Flight Refuelling tests in the early 1930s.