Aeroplane Monthly 1982-01
G.Jenks - Yeoman York (2)
G-AGJA the first York in service with BOAC, this aircraft was originally destined for service with the RAF as a York C1. (note: fuselage lettering is light grey with white edging)
York XD669 was used for trooping during 1953-55 having previously flown with Air Charter Ltd as G-AMUV.
An evocative shot of BOAC York G-AGSN about to touch down at Hum during a training flight in August 1947.
Originally delivered to FAMA this York, G-AMGK, spent many, years with Skyways until withdrawn from use at Stansted in July 1961.
York G-AGNN in the early BOAC livery with the registration letters underlined with red, white and blue stripes.
For a brief period York ZS-BTT, alias G-AGNS, flew with South African Airways. It is seen at Hurn in August 1947.
Hunting-Clan's York, G-AMXM was sold to TransMediterranean Airways in July 1959 and registered OD-ADM.
Dan-Air’s York G-ANTI languishes at Lasham after being withdrawn from use in May 1963.
The interior of a British South American Airways (BSAA) York.
York G-AGJA as operated by Skyways (3 view)