Air Pictorial 1957-11
B.Robertson - U.S. Aircraft in the British Services 1914-1955 (9)
A Lockheed 12A, one of several impressed from Dutch sources, photographed at Hendon shortly after the war;
A Douglas Skyraider in service with No. 849 Squadron.
The Boeing 247D which was used by the R.A.F. throughout the war;
A Whirlwind HAS.22, WV202, as used by the Fleet Air Arm.
One of the two Beechcraft 17s impressed by the R.A.F. early in the war;
Three Boeing 314A flying-boats were purchased from the U.S.A. in 1941 for use on the Atlantic route.
The Lockheed Electra W9104, previously used by British Airways as G-AEPN;