Air Pictorial 1957-11
Photos by request
MORE BRISTOL M.1Cs. In the July issue of Air Pictorial, J. M. Bruce described the Bristol M.1C and made passing reference to the Gipsy-powered version. Bristol Press Dept.'s Philip Moyes has discovered a photograph of VH-UQI fitted with a hybrid D.H. Gipsy II/III inline. It is believed to be the same airframe (lower) as flown by Major Chichester-Smith in the 1921 Aerial Derby. This M.1C (R.A.F. serial C4964) possessed the non-standard, faired headrest also seen on VH-UQI. The Australian M.1C was purchased in England by Capt. H. Butler, and was used for exhibition flying over several years. After his death the M.1C was stored in a garage roof until purchased by Mr. H. Miller who initially re-engined it with a Gipsy I; winning the 1932 Australian Aerial Derby.
FIRST NON-STOP TO ENGLAND flight across the North Atlantic was achieved by William S. Brock and William F. Schlee during 27th/28th August 1927 from Harbor Grace, Newfoundland to Croydon in this Stinson Detroiter (NC-857) in 23 hr. 21 min. for 2,350 miles. "Pride of Detroit" is seen here at Mosul, Iraq, on its further flight to Japan. Power 200-h.p. Wright radial, span 45 ft. 10 in., length 32 ft.
FROM THE ROARING TWENTIES. A French two/four-seat flying-boat of the mid-1920s (of which one, F-AJOR, is still flying) is the Schreck-F.B.A. 17.HT.4 powered by a 180-h.p. Hispano-Suiza 8Ab, Top speed 100 m.p.h., span 42 ft. 4 in. 200 built, majority to French Navy and civil operators.
FROM THE ROARING TWENTIES. A French experimental single-seat "scout", the De Marcay Type C utilised a SPAD 13 fuselage and a 300-h.p. Hispano-Suiza 8Fb engine. Built in 1919 by Ste. Anonyme d'Etudes et de Constructions Aeronautiques Edmond De Marcay, the 30 ft. 5-in. span Type C achieved 157 m.p.h. at Villacoublay in 1920 when flown by Lt. Lebeau.
Built by the Prest Airplane & Motor Co. of Arlington, Calif., the Prest Baby Pursuit set up a world's record, in 1930, over 100 km. at 101.2 m.p.h. Power then was a 60-h.p. Lawrence 3-cyl. radial. One is still flying in California.