Aeroplane Monthly 1982-07
R.Dean - Winston and Clementine
This unique formation was photographed on March 31, 1981 and shows representative types flown by No 523 Sqn at Leeuwarden since the war. The F-16 is flown by Adrian Brouwer, the F-104 by Jack de Vries, the Hunter by Terry Easterbrook and the Meteor F8 by the author.
Meteor T7 WA669 (Clementine) during its service with the Vintage Pair. Winston is seen, inset, at Brawdy.
In 1974 the Meteor F8 VZ467 (Winston) was painted in 615 Sqn markings for a special flypast planned for the centenary celebrations of the birth of Sir Winston Churchill.
Winston is seen at Brawdy.