Aeroplane Monthly 1982-11
D.Middleton - Douglas Bader
The classic photograph of Douglas Bader, taken in 1941 atop a Hurricane wing.
Bader gives himself a leg-up into a Spitfire in 1945.
THE BRISTOL "BULLDOG": Fitted with a Bristol "Jupiter" engine, this machine is of all-metal (steel) construction, and is one of the types chosen for re-equipping the R.A.F.
The aeroplane that changed the course of Bader's life. As a result of crashing a Bristol Bulldog during low level aerobatics at Woodley in December 1931, Bader lost both legs.
Douglas Bader seated in a Miles Gemini with Sdn Ldr Nelson, a one-legged pilot, during a visit to the Miles factory in the winter of 1946/7.
Douglas Bader took part in the 1931 RAF Pageant at Hendon where, as a Pilot Officer with No 23 Sqn, he flew synchronised aerobatics in a Gloster Gamecock with Flt Lt H. M. Day. The pair are seen taxiing in, or out, at Hendon in July during their performance. Flight commented: "Altogether the demonstration was very pretty, and the two pilots showed great skill and judgement of speed and distance."