Aeroplane Monthly 1982-12
Hanworth /Gone but not forgotten/ (14)
Hawker Hart Trainer K6525 of the Blackburn Reserve School, at Hanworth on August 2, 1937.
The H.P.Heyford K6889 arrives at the 1937 Empire Air Day.
Cierva C.30A D-EKOP was built at Manchester and distributed through Cierva’s base at Hanworth to Focke-Wulf in November 1934.
An aerial view of Hanworth taken in September 1931 with the prototype H.P. 42 G-AAGX amongst the small fry.
H.P.42 G-AAXC being dismantled at Hanworth in June 1932 after breaking a wheel on a drain culvert.
A quintet of Blackburn B-2s fly past at the Empire Air Display in June 1937.
Blackburn B.2s of the Hanworth Reserve School show their paces.
A formation of Blackburn Bluebirds flying over the Hanworth club house in January 1930.
Parnall Heck G-ACTC after a wheels-up landing at Hanworth in August 1938.
Drone G-AEKU lands behind the Kronfeld Tutorplane.
D.H.9 G-AACP languishes at Hanworth in August 1938.
Avro 504N G-AEMP almost camouflaged against Aircraft Exchange & Mart's Hanworth hangar.
General Aircraft G.A.L. 59 PF576, otherwise known as a Mosquito T.T. Mk. 39 at Hanworth in 1948. General Aircraft Ltd modified a number of Mosquitoes for target towing and lengthened the noses to accommodate a camera man.
National Flying Services' D.H. Moth G-AAMN flying over the Hanworth club house in September 1930. This is now home for OAPs.
The smart uniform worn by NFS instructors.
Barbara Cartland the novelist and "Barbara Cartland" the B.A.C.VII glider, June 28th, 1931.