Air Pictorial 1958-02
??? - The Evolutiion of the Ryan Vertijet
Стенд для испытания системы управления
This simple steel tubular structure, which is still in use as a test rig for developing control systems, provided support for the first of the jet reaction control systems installed on the test vehicle predecessor to the X-13.
X-13 поднимается в воздух
For horizontal flight the X-13 was fitted with a fixed under-carriage. The first flight lasted seven minutes. The nose boom contains devices for measuring sideslip at low speeds.
The undercarriage was replaced with a "tail-sitting" rig, and the first free hovering flight took place on 28th May 1956.
The test rig was fitted with a delta wing, refined jet reaction system and a cockpit, which enabled test pilot Pete Girard to sit upright atop engine's forward end. The cockpit was made from a scrap B-47 fuel tank.
X-13 с колесным шасси подходит к платформе
Final phase of the test programme was the transition from vertical to horizontal flight and back. In this photograph the X-13 approaches the ground service trailer