Air Pictorial 1958-10
J.Stevens - Some Thoughts on Farnborough
The ventral fins of the Chance Vought Crusader III are lowered for high-speed flight and raised for landing. Either Sparrow 3 missiles (shown here) can be carried or Sidewinders. Engine is one Pratt & Whitney J75.
The first Boeing B-52G "Missile Platform Bomber" is rolled out from the Boeing plant. It has a greater range and fuel capacity, and will carry two Hound Dog missiles, one under each wing. Note the shorter fin as compared with earlier B-52 models.
Canberra to be seen at Farnborough is the T.11 with Airpass nose.
Gloster Javelin F(AW)8, XH966 with six de Havilland Firestreaks on underwing pylons. Note the afterburners on the Sapphire turbojets.
The Blackburn B.107A makes use of the Beverley wing and tail unit but there the similarity ends. The 107 is a much larger aircraft and is powered by four Rolls-Royce Tyne turboprop engines. Main loading doors are at the front of the fuselage and the rear loading door is for the dropping of heavy loads in flight. Data: Span 166 ft. 8 in; length 124 ft., height 31 ft.; gross weight 175,000 lb; range 4,000 miles.
First photograph to be published of the Tusco Navion Model D, a modernised Navion with tip tanks and many other improvements. It is powered by a Continental O-470-P engine of 240 h.p. which gives it a speed of 185 m.p.h.
The Handley Page Victor B.l (XA930) with flight refuelling probe on nose and underwing fuel tanks.
The new tailplane and fins on the Saro P.531;
Fairey Rotodyne shown with undercarriage retracted.
SUPERSONIC NOSTALGIA. A model of the axed Gyron-Spectre dual-power Saro 177 fighter.
The starboard Rolls-Royce Tyne turboprop engine of the Airspeed Ambassador test-bed.
The Auster J-1N Alpha's Micronair spray units;
The Grumman Gulfstream is powered by two Rolls-Royce Dart engines and has a span of 78 ft. 6 in., length 64 ft., height 22 ft. 9 in. It can carry 10 to 19 passengers depending on cabin layout at a cruising speed of 370 m.p.h.
Prototype de Havilland Chipmunk Mk. 23;
Fairey Tipsy Nipper OO-NIX differs from earlier models in having a closed-in cockpit and an experimental engine cowling.