Air International 2007-07
M.English - School For Fast-Jet Pilots /Military/
A VT Aerospace ground crewman marshals Tucano T.1 ZF515 from its slot on the flight line. Although this aircraft sports the colours of 72(Reserve) Sqn, aircraft are not allocated to specific squadrons.
Tucano T.1 ZF269 photographed against the distinctive backdrop of York Minster. Only five miles from Linton, York is the usual 'watering hole' for students in their rare leisure time.
As may be seen from this classic portrait of a Tucano T.1, the large canopy gives the student an excellent, unrestricted view, and the raised rear seat aids forward visibility for the instructor.
Photographed about to touch down, during circuit training at Linton, is ZF294 in the colours of 207 (R) Sqn. With its higher speed, and more complex systems than the aircraft they flew during elementary flying training, the Tucano presents students with a considerably higher work-load.
During their first familiarisation sortie at Linton, students are treated to some basic aerobatics and a few minutes at low-level. This demonstrates just what the Tucano is capable of and what they will shortly be expected to achieve. It will be leaps and bounds beyond what they have experienced before.
Front cockpit of a Tucano T.1. Note the TCAS display, mounted above and to the left of the artificial horizon.
Station Commander Group Captain MWG Hopkins MBE.