Air International 2007-07
P.Stevens - Exercise Spring Flag '07 /Military/
As well as operating from their mother ship, the Giuseppe Garibaldi, three Italian Navy AV-8B Harrier IIs were deployed to Decimomannu. Note the Litening targeting pod on the starboard inner underwing pylon.
Also participating in Spring Flag for the first time, the Turkish Air Force fielded six F-16 Block 40 (one two-seat and five single-seat) aircraft from 141 Filo, based at Akinci. Their multi-role missions included simulated bombing sorties. Note the Flight Refuelling Falcon 20EW in the background.
Украшенный изображением акульей пасти Tornado ECR с ракетами HARM из 155° Gruppo выруливает на взлет во время учений 2007 года, аэродром Дечимоманну, Сардиния. Специалисты по подавлению вражеской ПВО из 155° Gruppo обычно находятся в Пьяченце как часть 50° Stormo AMI.
Six Tornado ECR (Electronic Combat/Reconnaissance) aircraft of 50° Stormo, from Piacenza, were employed in the suppression of enemy defences role, simulating attacks with AGM-88 HARM anti-radiation missiles.
Eight AMX were tasked with flying combined sorties during Spring Flag. The four closest aircraft seen here, formatting on the RAF VC10 tanker, are on the strength of 32° Stormo, and the farthest pair are from 51° Stormo, Istrana.
Making their first overseas exercise deployment were four Hungarian Air Force Gripens. Part of the 'red' forces, they were tasked with providing fighter support using beyond visual-range air-to-air missiles.