Air International 2007-08
D.Willis - Global Fighter Market /Military/ (2)
Relations between the US and Venezuela have soured since Hugo Chavez became President of the latter country. As a result, when it needed to modernise its fighter force it did not consider American aircraft, despite already operating F-16s. Instead it turned to Russia and bought 24 Su-30MKV Flankers.
Lockheed Martin has enjoyed significant success with the F-16 in the Middle East in recent years. The Royal Air Force of Oman has ordered 12 Advanced Block 50 F-16C/Ds.
The first F-16I (253, construction number YD-4) took its maiden flight on December 23, 2003.
Israel has one of the world's most formidable air forces and is adding to its capabilities with the delivery of 102 F-16Is. This variant has already been involved in combat, having been used last year against Hezbollah in Lebanon.
This unusual formation of Vampire T.55, Impala Mk1, Mirage IIIBZ, Mirage F.1AZ and a Cheetah C was photographed during the South African Air Show at Hoedspruit Air Force Base in July 2007. The Vampire and Mirage IIIBZ are operated by the South African Air Force Museum at Swartkop and the Impala by Aerosud. The Cheetah C is in service with 2 Sqn SAAF at Makhado AFB.
Brazil has delayed its competition for between 24 and 26 new fighters until 2010. In the meantime it is leasing 12 former French Air Force Mirage 2000B/Cs. In Brazilian service, the aircraft are designated F-2000B (two-seat) and F-2000C (single-seat).
Algeria and Yemen have bought the MiG-29SMT variant of the Fulcrum, which has an air-to-ground capability. Libya is also said to be interested in this version.
On Monday, June 11, 2007, the Swedish Air Force deployed six Saab Sk.60Ws from F17M Wing at Malmslatt Air Base to RAF Valley, Anglesey, for a five-day exchange with 19 (R) Squadron. During their visit, the Swedish pilots flew a number of low-level sorties through the mid-Wales valleys and dissimilar air combat training exercises with the 19 (R) Sqn Hawks.
Mexico is currently believed to have only around seven F-5E/F Tiger IIs operational. These aircraft are used for air defence and there is believed to be a requirement for between 14 and 36 aircraft. The Air Force is said to be investigating a possible purchase of more F-5s from Taiwan.
Полученные ВВС ОАЭ самолеты 2000-9 - пожалуй, самые совершенные в семействе Mirage 2000. ВВС ОАЭ получили 30 новых и 32 модернизированных самолета.
In addition to ordering 80 F-16E/Fs, the United Arab Emirates has purchased 30 multirole Mirage 2000-9s, four of which are pictured here.
To date, Dassault's Rafale has not gained an export customer, though there is speculation that Libya may be near to sealing a deal for between 12 and 18 aircraft. This French Air Force example is pictured over Afghanistan on the type’s first operational deployment. Dassault's sales team will doubtless be using this combat experience to aid their presentations to potential customers.
South Africa has so far bought 17 JAS39Cs and nine two-seat JAS39Ds. A further purchase is being considered to equip another squadron.