Air International 2007-08
D.Carrara - Indian Summer at Waddington /Military/
An Indian AF SU-30MKI flies alongside a Typhoon from 17 (R) Sqn and a Tornado F.3 of 25(F) Sqn during Exercise Indradhanush 07.
This photo provides an interesting comparison between the Typhoon and Su-30MKI and highlights the size difference between the two. The RAF decided not to pit the Typhoon against the Flanker in a 1v1 engagement, though both types did take part in numerous missions together.
One of the six SU-30MKI Flankers visiting the UK for the exercise rolls to the end of Waddington's runway having deployed its brake 'chute. The aircraft's airbrake can also be seen in this photo.
An Il-78MKI Midas air-to-air refuelling tanker took part in the exercise, though a second aircraft was also used to escort the Su-30MKIs from India to the UK. During Indradhanush 07 each country used their respective tankers as the complexities of obtaining clearances for interoperability outweighed any potential benefits.