Air International 2007-08
D.Oliver - Saab J35 Draken /Aircraft profile/
Saab J35F Draken, DK-221, c/n 351311, of the Finnish Air Force from HavLLv 11 based at Rovaniemi. The sensor under the nose is an infra-red target seeker. The aircraft is carrying an Rb27 Falcon air-to-air missile and the standard configuration of twin drop tanks under the fuselage.
Saab Sk35C Draken, 35807/F16-76, of the Swedish Air Force. This is one of 25 modified J35As, and is shown in the markings of the now disbanded F16 Wing at Upplands circa 1983.
Saab J35J Draken, 35624/F10-24 of the Swedish Air Force, carrying an infra-red homing Rb-24J Sidewinder, plus a radar-guided Rb27 Falcon.
Saab 35OE Draken, '11' c/n 351411 of the Austrian Air Force of 1st Staffel, Fliegerregiment No.2. It is carrying an Rb24J, the Swedish version of the AIM-9P.
Saab TF-35 Draken, AT-152 c/n 351152 Royal Danish Air Force. Under the wing is a Red Baron infra-red reconnaissance pod. The nose has been retrofitted with a laser rangefinder and marked target seeker.
Saab RF-35 Draken, AR-101 c/n 351101 Royal Danish Air Force from Eskadrille 729. Denmark originally used five Vinten cameras in the nose section before replacing the forward-facing example with the laser rangefinder to improve weapon delivery accuracy in the fighter-bomber role.
Saab's Draken first entered service with the Swedish Air Force in 1960 and this Mach 2.0 capable aircraft was designed to be able to operate from small airstrips or sections of roads. This example is a J35F of F10 Wing at Angelholm and is carrying a Swedish licence-built version of the Sidewinder.
Despite having been retired from military service, a number of Drakens are owned and operated by preservation groups. Two US companies also purchased the aircraft, Airborne Tactical Advantage Company and the National Test Pilot School. Both of these latter organisations acquired former Danish Air Force examples, with the aircraft pictured a two-seat TF-35 of the latter company.