Air International 2007-10
T.Carlson - Aggressor Tigers /Military/
A pair of VFC-13 F-5Ns formate on a VFC-12 F/A-18 Hornet. Mixed formations of aggressor aircraft are commonplace and pose an increased challenge to their opponents.
Camouflage can be used to good effect during combat and this three-tone grey colour scheme is even more effective when seen against the sky.
Its small frontal area makes the F-5N difficult to see head-on. This is often a major advantage, particularly if the rules of engagement preclude firing beyond visual-range missiles prior to positive identification.
What the F-5N may lack in modern weapon system capability it makes up for in agility and can'hold its own'in close-in dog-fighting with many later generation types.
Compared with many fighters the F-5N is simple to operate - its cockpit is a mixture of 1950s and modern technologies.