Air International 2007-11
M.Gething - MiG-21 Fishbed /Cold war survivors/
As this photograph of a rapidly-climbing Croatian MiG-21bisD shows, there is life in the old dog yet. It is armed with two AA-8 Aphid short-range air-to-air infra-red missiles.
Bulgaria expects to continue flying its MiG-21bis until a new multi-role fighter enters service around 2010.
MiG-21M C1679 of 108 Sqn is attached to the MiG Operational Training Unit at Jamnager. It is seen taking off in reheat for a morning sortie.
Mikoyan MiG-21MF
This MiG-21UM displays the new markings of the Serbian Air Force and Air Defence, applied in the summer of 2007. The insignia on the nose is the unit emblem of the 126th Fighter Squadron, which was integrated with the 127th Fighter Squadron to form 101st Squadron in November 2006.
A rare, albeit somewhat dated, photograph (circa 1995), of an Egyptian Air Force MiG-21UM Mongol-B 5420 taxiing at Aswan Airport.
This pristine MiG-21UM 113, of the Libyan Arab Air Force, was displayed at the Libyan Aviation Exhibition in December 2006.
Throughout the programme to upgrade Romanian MiG-21s to LanceR standard, the original Russian equipment was retained wherever it was still effective. Thus, in order for the MMRC to interface with Russian barometric input, a miniature Marconi Electronic (now BAE) Systems air data computer was installed. Other Russian equipment retained includes the RV-UM radar altimeter, AP-155 autopilot and ARK-10 radio compass. This LanceR-C is seen taking off from its home base of Borgea-Fetesti.
Romanian LanceR cockpits contain a mixture of Cold War design technologies and modern avionics.