Air International 2022-03
Focus: UAV, Rotary, Business, Technology, Space
Lockheed Martin produces both the F-16 fighter (pictured) and simulator systems to assist in pilot training
The Litening targeting pod is carried under the fuselage of the RAF’s Typhoon fleet, with the upgrade offering enhancement search and tracking capabilities
Deliveries of Citations, including the recently introduced Gen2 versions of the M2 and XLS, totalled 167 aircraft during 2021
Planet 9 of Van Nuys will manage the aircraft
The last Learjet 75, the final model of the iconic business jet, has been built
An Air Zermatt H125 photographed in 2021
ACJ TwoTwenty 5H-FIVE after arriving at Indianapolis, Indiana, where it will be outfitted by Comlux Completion
Airbus Zephyr seen during US test flights in 2021
Falcon 6X F-WZOC has been delivered to Little Rock in Arkansas, where the cabin interior will be installed
Environmental sustainability and decarbonisation are central to Qatar Airways Cargo’s current corporate strategy
Spain has formally committed funds to the European MALE RPAS project
The SB>1 Defiant reached 236kts in level flight during the mission profile test flights
Volatus says its Natilus N3.8T will bring "substantial” cost and emissions reductions
Cargo, military and humanitarian operators have signed up for Elroy Air's Chaparral
Rendering of the Dart AE Concept