Air International 2022-04
P.Felstead - Dogfight for dominance
Romania has 17 F-16s from Portugal and is looking to acquire more from Norway
Czech Gripen pilots from Caslav Air Base perform drills on June 25, 2018, during the Czech-hosted Sky Avenger 2018 exercise
Italian Eurofighters from Trapani Air base on a training sortie over the Mediterranean
A Dassault Rafale in the livery of the Hellenic Air Force, which received its first examples of the type in January 2021
Newly qualified British F-35B pilots operating off the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth in August 2021 during the deployment of UK Carrier Strike Group 21
A Gripen E with four Meteor BVRAAMs and two IRIS-T short-range AAMs. Saab began delivering the first of 60 Gripen Es to the SwAF in November 2021