Air International 2022-04
J.Attariwala - Addressing obsolescence
CH-149 Cormorant is expected to undergo avionics upgrades in the Cormorant Mid-Life Upgrade project
This F-18 has received avionics upgrades to transform it from a Royal Australian Air Force jet to a RCAF CF-18
Enhancements to the CF-18 will come under the Hornet Extension Project
After the Block IV upgrade is complete, the CP-140 Aurora is in line for avionics upgrades under MFATMA
Although the CH-148 Cyclone is relatively new, it too will receive avionics upgrades under MFATMA
The CT-114 Tutor will benefit from a package of modern avionics to keep it flying until 2030
The CT-114 Tutor will receive a new glass cockpit as part of the upgrade programme
The CH-146 Griffon fleet will recieve avionics upgrades under the Griffon Limited Life Extension project