Aeroplane Monthly 1983-01
The Shuttleworth Collection's Bristol Fighter made its first post-renovation home appearance at the year's last Old Warden display, on October 31, 1982. Both the Brisfit and the Avro Tutor made their first flights following rejuvenation in the late afternoon of Thursday September 2, the Tutor being flown by Dicky Martin and the F.2B by Angus McVittie. The Tutor flew again on the 3rd in the hands of David Ogilvy, and there were “no major snags at all". Both aircraft appeared and flew at Duxford's History in the Air display on September 5, as part of the biggest “away" gathering of Shuttleworth aircraft for 16 years.
Captured Argentine Air Force Pucara A-549 is the star of the Fleet Air Arm Museum’s South Georgia Exhibition, opened by Vice-Admiral Sir John Cox on November 2, 1982.
The Wessex Aviation Society's Rotabuggy reproduction.
Following its crash at Thruxton on May 31, 1981, Percival Gull Six G-AERD has been rebuilt by Cliff Lovell at Walkridge Farm, and was due to fly in November 1982.
Yet another strange car park occupant at the Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon, was Doug Arnold's B-25 Mitchell Magnificent Miriam.