Aeroplane Monthly 1983-03
P.Jarrett - Grapevine
Some of Southend's Historic Aircraft Museum residents in happier days - Sea Hawk, J-29, Avro XIX, Beverley and Harvard.
Star of the Christie's auction, Adrian Swire's Spitfire IX MH434.
Another attraction at Christie's Duxford auction will be Sopwith Triplane reproduction G-BHEW, see here with owner/pilot auctioneer Patrick Lindsay in situ.
At Douglas Long Beach one of five surviving DC-2s, NC13733, is being restored to airworthiness by spare-time employees and retirees. The aim is to fly her in time for the 50th anniversary of the DC-2’s first flight on May 11, 1934.
Viima II G-BAAY, disguised as a Stieglitz, at Finmere on January 16, 1983. It is now up for sale.
Desmond Penrose's 51-year-old Arrow Active 2, G-ABVE, has been restored to concours standard by a number of individuals. It is based at Cranfield.
The Active's cockpit and panel have been restored to original condition.