Aeroplane Monthly 1983-08
D.Middleton - Jeffrey Quill /Test Pilot Profile/ (7)
Jeffrey Quill in the cockpit of Spitfire Mk I K9836 at Eastleigh in January 1939.
Jeffrey Quill in the cockpit of Attacker R4035 at Muharraq, Bahrain during delivery to the Royal Pakistan Air Force. The RPAF took delivery of 36 Attackers, all but three being ferried out to Drigh Road, Karachi by Supermarine pilots.
Jeffrey Quill first flew the Attacker prototype, TS409, on July 27, 1946 from Boscombe Down's newly completed hard runway. He completed 69 flights in this aircraft before retiring from test flying.
Прототип Spitfire Mk XII (DP845) сфотографирован в сентябре 1942 года. Ранее это был Mk IV (первый полет на нем выполнил Куилл 27 ноября 1941 года), впоследствии машину модернизировали в Mk XX, а в конечном итоге - в маловысотный Mk XII.
Spitfire F.XII DP845, Jeffrey Quill’s favourite aeroplane and the first Griffon Spitfire. DP845 began life as a Mk III and became the first step towards the Mk 21, It was in this aircraft that Quill outflew the Fw 190 and Hawker Typhoon at Farnborough.
The prototype Seafire 47, PS944, the naval version of the Spitfire 24, with folding wings. The type entered FAA service in February 1948 and marked the final variant of the Spitfire line.
The Seafang was the naval counterpart of the Spiteful and only eight aircraft were delivered to the FAA. Jeffrey Quill is seen here flying VG471, the prototype, in May 1946.