Aeroplane Monthly 1983-11
H.Best-Devereux - Oshkosh '83
The Corsair, N9964Z is a Confederate Air Force aircraft.
A Boeing KC-135 makes a high speed pass; a Rutan Long-Eze is in the foreground.
There was no shortage of Harvards/T-6s at this year's Oshkosh and the Warbirds area was packed with World War Two aircraft.
Bob Hoover looping the Shrike Commander with both props feathered.
One of several standing-on-the-wing acts at this year’s Oshkosh.
A Republic Seabee four-seat amphibian.
The incredible Cri-Cri powered by two 15 h.p. engines, built from a Chris Heintz kit.
The self-launching Solitaire sailplane with retractable 23 h.p. Italian KFM 107E.
The Sadler Vampire ultra-light is a metal single seater with a fibreglass pod over a tubular structure.
A Fred Keller-built Rutan Defiant. Out of some 500 homebuilts on display at Oshkosh nearly 70 were designs by Burt Rutan.
An Eipper Quicksilver photographed during the daily evening flying of these aircraft. Eipper currently has more than 30 per cent of the USA ultralight market and the company has teamed up with the British sportscar company Lotus.
Available in kit form is this Waspair Tomcat, powered by a 30 h.p. Cuyuna two-stroke engine.