Air Pictorial 1968-11
Manager - Cessna F-150 and F-172 /Air Test/
G-AWKA, the other Cessna F-172 operated by the Fairoaks School of Flying; spats make an easy recognition feature to distinguish it from the smaller F-150.
Second type described in this report is the Cessna F-172 - G-AWBW shown here being the one tested. The School operates two F-172s
View of F-172 G-AWBW's cockpit and instrument panel
The Fairoaks School of Flying has two Cessna F-150s, both of which are illustrated here; G-AWBX was the one used in this test
The Cessna F-150 with its flaps fully down, 40 deg. Note the large rear-view windows and slimmer rear fuselage compared with earlier variants
Cessna F-150 cockpit. In addition to basic instruments, G-AWBX has a Brittain turn coordinator, artificial horizon and 360-channel VHF transceiver